Brontes is a Haos Bakugan that belongs to a Vexos brawler Volt.


A long and slender robot with eight arms sticking out of his head that act as a propeller. Brontes has a smilling fface like a joker or a down, with a disturbing laugh to match.

Battle StyleEdit

Brontes has no fear. He will use forbidden abilities, which may destroy his own body, and will challenge even the strongest opponents.

Where You've Seen HimEdit

Vexos brawler Volt uses Brontes in battle. Volt skillfully uses Ability Cards with Brontes to shake opponents' confidence. Brontes played a big part in the battle of Volt versus Ace and Shun in the Alpha City stadium.

What You Should KnowEdit

Like Altair, Brontes is a mechtanical Bakugan. Brontes has no wings but can fly using propeller on this head.