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A bulky robot with the face of a human and clawed, animal-like feet. The helmet on his head makes him look like a knight in armor.

Battle StyleEdit

Elico shoots a powerful blast of water from the golden diamond on his chest to defeat his opponents. He also wraps his six tentacles around his foes' arms and legs so they are unable to move. The six blades on his arms can be used for attack or defense.

Where You've Seen HimEdit

Although Mylene of Vexos chooses to brawl with brains instead of power, she often relies upon her Bakugan Elico and his brute strength. Mylene brought out Elico in her brutal battle against Resistance brawler Ace.

What You Should KnowEdit

Elico is an attribute-changing Bakugan, so if you face hime in battle, stay on gurad. You never know what move Elico might make next.